So I often get asked why skin care is so important. Chances are if you asked me 4-5 years ago I would not have had a clue. I slept in my make up ALL the time. I never washed my face. Yet still sat there and wondered why I had break outs and a terrible skin complexion. Here is a blog all about skin care and why it is so important.

Number one sleeping in make up will trap dirt and enviromental pollutants. Which all in itself is terrible. If not worse then never washing your face. If make up is left on over night it can also cause a break down of collagen.  Which can cause premature aging of your skin. As well as the obvious acne flare ups. Did you know that it can also interfere with natural shedding and exfoliation of the skin? Which could be a reason why your make up looks scaley when you put foundation on. (Back in the day I had no idea what the heck exfoliation meant!)

It can also cause infections in your eyes. Sleeping in your make up causes inflammation and bacteria build up which will lead to an infection in or around the eye. I truthfully never ever thought sleeping in your make up could be that bad. Reading all this has me with a daily skin routine at night and morning.

Wondering what you should use to clean your face? Check out my make up and skin care blog. I have skin care that is fully customizable to fit your skin and its needs. For me exfoliation and hydration is key. There are many boosters to choose from to get your customized skin care products. Cause as I stated before I hated going to the store and buying a generalized face cleaner and make up removing cloths.

I have been using youology consistently for 6 months. I have noticed a difference in not only the way my make up sits on my face, but how much more my skin glows. My skin thanks me every day for taking such good care of it. I mean think about it. All the pollutants in the air? Your skin is exposed to it every day.  Makes me wanna go wash my face and take a shower just thinking of all of the yuckies out there.

If you have any questions message or comment.

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I’m 29 years old. I’m a boy mom and an animal lover! I enjoy trying new things and giving my opinion on them! I love the outdoors!

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