Makeup and Skin Care

Hello! It’s me again! This post is about my make up and skin care business! I am a Younique presenter! I know that most presenters try and push push. Thats not me. I am more of a if someone wants to try they will. However when I first tried Younique I wasn’t pleased with the price. But I thought what the heck i’ll try it anyways. So i bought a few products. This was 3 years ago before Younique came out with the skincare line up called Youology.

What is Youology? It is a skin care line that is focused on YOU! How many times have you gone to the store looking for a facial cleaner, a moisturizer or a day or night cream? Some of them have ingredients that you personally do not need but someone else might. So you move on to the next product, well this has everything I need but that one ingredient. Youology is customized to fit YOUR needs. I have a special link that you can fill in the needs of your skin and Youology will be delivered customized to your door! With a personalized name card (my name is Heather so my skincare is delivered as Heatherology).

Younique is founded on a foundation that gives back.  Younique gives you the option to always round up your order to the nearest dollar. The donations go to help victims of sexual abuse go to a retreat. This retreat is called the Haven Retreat. This has helped many victims be able to talk about their stories and start healing from sexual abuse. So not only are you helping me support my on the go 10 month old when you order from me you are also helping out many many victims of sexual abuse gain freedom!

I used to have trouble finding a foundation that wouldn’t “flake” my face and make me look like a scaley (if that’s a word HAHA ) dragon. Once I tried out Younique’s famous liquid cold. AKA the liquid foundation I was in love. My face looked flawless and it didn’t look caked on. Now they have 8 DIFFERENT types of foundations! Plus all the tools to apply! Younique is starting to make headers in famous magazines!

If you would like to check it out! If you wanna check out a live video of the make up, text EXmakeup to 484848. It will let you know when I am gonna go live! Have a great day!

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I’m 29 years old. I’m a boy mom and an animal lover! I enjoy trying new things and giving my opinion on them! I love the outdoors!

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