Lets start this off..


My name is Heather! I am just beginning my affiliate blog. I am an affiliate to a couple different companies to begin with. My two companies I currently am an affiliate for is:

-Tailoring Tots and Lively.

Tailoring Tots is aimed towards baby and toddler clothing. They have amazing quality. Their prices are very affordable. My son has crazy hair and I found an awesome outfit to suit him.  It says “messy hair don’t care”. If you are looking for matching outfits for Christmas pictures, browse this website http://www.tailoringtots.com and use code SCOTTW15 to save 15% on your order                                                 

Future Ladies Man T-Shirt & Camo Pants

Messy Hair Don't Care Tops & Pants 2PCS Set


My second company is called LIVELY! This is geared more towards bras and underwear, but they do have other things. I was unsure of the quality. So i bought some of their bras and they are so comfy! They are affordable as well! I could never fathom paying high prices on a bra and underwear. But I also know you get what you pay for. LIVELY is right in the middle! Perfect!

My link to check them out is: http://wearlively.com/discount/AMB-Heatherweifenbach

If you use my code: AMB-Heatherweifenbach you can save $10.00 on every order.


This is just the beginning for me….STAY TUNED!

Published by pinkcontent

I’m 29 years old. I’m a boy mom and an animal lover! I enjoy trying new things and giving my opinion on them! I love the outdoors!

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