Samples on the way!

I just ordered my first set of samples!!! They should be arriving within 21 days. SO in the meantime I will review products I find very useful and some that I find not so useful.

Lets get started. I am a big animal lover and use a wide range of animal products. This entry will be about Guinea Pig hay.

First off I have used a couple brands of Guinea Pig hay. I have tried All Living Things, Hartz, and Oxbow. Here are my OPINIONS on the different brands.

All Living Things- I didn’t like this brand so much. It wasn’t to expensive,but it had more of a grassy texture to the hay and my Guinea Pigs did not like the hay as much as other brands I have used in the past. Once this brand was on the floor of my piggies cages, it was pretty much wasted. It wilted and got brown very fast. I don’t use this brand anymore.

Hartz- This brand is what is sold at Walmart. This brand is a so so rating from me. I will use it if I can’t get to a pet store to get a more premium brand. My only issue with this brand is that it doesn’t stay in my piggies feeders very well. It is mostly a straw like hay and my guineas don’t like that texture. Which in turn makes me fill their feeders more so I end up running out quicker.

Oxbow- I saved my best choice for last. I love this brand. The hay has just the right consistency for my guinea pigs. It is a little bit more expensive but it is worth the money to me. The brand of hay I get from Oxbow is called Western Timothy Hay. My piggies absolutely love this brand. I have only had a couple of bad bags. Which is normal, it can’t be perfect every time. Right?

I hope at least some of this information will help someone. Like I said, I am just starting out. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks again for reading!!!

Published by pinkcontent

I’m 29 years old. I’m a boy mom and an animal lover! I enjoy trying new things and giving my opinion on them! I love the outdoors!

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