So I often get asked why skin care is so important. Chances are if you asked me 4-5 years ago I would not have had a clue. I slept in my make up ALL the time. I never washed my face. Yet still sat there and wondered why I had break outs and a terrible skin complexion. Here is a blog all about skin care and why it is so important.

Number one sleeping in make up will trap dirt and enviromental pollutants. Which all in itself is terrible. If not worse then never washing your face. If make up is left on over night it can also cause a break down of collagen.  Which can cause premature aging of your skin. As well as the obvious acne flare ups. Did you know that it can also interfere with natural shedding and exfoliation of the skin? Which could be a reason why your make up looks scaley when you put foundation on. (Back in the day I had no idea what the heck exfoliation meant!)

It can also cause infections in your eyes. Sleeping in your make up causes inflammation and bacteria build up which will lead to an infection in or around the eye. I truthfully never ever thought sleeping in your make up could be that bad. Reading all this has me with a daily skin routine at night and morning.

Wondering what you should use to clean your face? Check out my make up and skin care blog. I have skin care that is fully customizable to fit your skin and its needs. For me exfoliation and hydration is key. There are many boosters to choose from to get your customized skin care products. Cause as I stated before I hated going to the store and buying a generalized face cleaner and make up removing cloths.

I have been using youology consistently for 6 months. I have noticed a difference in not only the way my make up sits on my face, but how much more my skin glows. My skin thanks me every day for taking such good care of it. I mean think about it. All the pollutants in the air? Your skin is exposed to it every day.  Makes me wanna go wash my face and take a shower just thinking of all of the yuckies out there.

If you have any questions message or comment.

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Why I do what I do!

This blog post is gonna be a little different. No trying to show off products, no links to buy and no science based facts. This blog is a little of me. With that being said this might be a little bit of rambling on. Cause that’s just the way my brain works sometimes.

Lets rewind through the years. I grew up with medical conditions throughout my life that caused doctors to be concerned I would never be able to get pregnant. This thought haunted me until December of 2018. When the most beautiful baby boy entered my life! The thought of being a mom was so over joying as well as over whelming. I didn’t know how to be a mom. Turns out i’m pretty good at it. I had the best role model growing up to learn from.

Fast forward to today. I work from home so I don’t have to miss a beat with my little miracle. Watching him grow and learn is one of the best joys ever. I don’t have to worry about calling in sick when he needs me. I will be able to always have his hand when he needs me. I get 2 solid hours to work during the day. Thats when he is napping.

He is my big reason as to why I do what I do. So when I hear those comments of ” these posts are so annoying!”. It doesn’t matter to me. Im just on to the next prospect. You don’t have to like what I do. I am working to support my family just like you are. So when you see my posts give it a like or a share. You don’t need to buy from me. Just helping me reach out to people who may be looking for the things i’m promoting is support enough.

I love seeing my son smiling every day. Being able to go out on walks with him. Never having to worry about scheduling doctor appointments around a schedule. I get to make my own hours!

This whole mom thing is one of the best jobs I have ever been given. I am blessed to be my baby boys mom.

Makeup and Skin Care

Hello! It’s me again! This post is about my make up and skin care business! I am a Younique presenter! I know that most presenters try and push push. Thats not me. I am more of a if someone wants to try they will. However when I first tried Younique I wasn’t pleased with the price. But I thought what the heck i’ll try it anyways. So i bought a few products. This was 3 years ago before Younique came out with the skincare line up called Youology.

What is Youology? It is a skin care line that is focused on YOU! How many times have you gone to the store looking for a facial cleaner, a moisturizer or a day or night cream? Some of them have ingredients that you personally do not need but someone else might. So you move on to the next product, well this has everything I need but that one ingredient. Youology is customized to fit YOUR needs. I have a special link that you can fill in the needs of your skin and Youology will be delivered customized to your door! With a personalized name card (my name is Heather so my skincare is delivered as Heatherology).

Younique is founded on a foundation that gives back.  Younique gives you the option to always round up your order to the nearest dollar. The donations go to help victims of sexual abuse go to a retreat. This retreat is called the Haven Retreat. This has helped many victims be able to talk about their stories and start healing from sexual abuse. So not only are you helping me support my on the go 10 month old when you order from me you are also helping out many many victims of sexual abuse gain freedom!

I used to have trouble finding a foundation that wouldn’t “flake” my face and make me look like a scaley (if that’s a word HAHA ) dragon. Once I tried out Younique’s famous liquid cold. AKA the liquid foundation I was in love. My face looked flawless and it didn’t look caked on. Now they have 8 DIFFERENT types of foundations! Plus all the tools to apply! Younique is starting to make headers in famous magazines!

If you would like to check it out! If you wanna check out a live video of the make up, text EXmakeup to 484848. It will let you know when I am gonna go live! Have a great day!

Lets start this off..


My name is Heather! I am just beginning my affiliate blog. I am an affiliate to a couple different companies to begin with. My two companies I currently am an affiliate for is:

-Tailoring Tots and Lively.

Tailoring Tots is aimed towards baby and toddler clothing. They have amazing quality. Their prices are very affordable. My son has crazy hair and I found an awesome outfit to suit him.  It says “messy hair don’t care”. If you are looking for matching outfits for Christmas pictures, browse this website http://www.tailoringtots.com and use code SCOTTW15 to save 15% on your order                                                 

Future Ladies Man T-Shirt & Camo Pants

Messy Hair Don't Care Tops & Pants 2PCS Set


My second company is called LIVELY! This is geared more towards bras and underwear, but they do have other things. I was unsure of the quality. So i bought some of their bras and they are so comfy! They are affordable as well! I could never fathom paying high prices on a bra and underwear. But I also know you get what you pay for. LIVELY is right in the middle! Perfect!

My link to check them out is: http://wearlively.com/discount/AMB-Heatherweifenbach

If you use my code: AMB-Heatherweifenbach you can save $10.00 on every order.


This is just the beginning for me….STAY TUNED!

Samples on the way!

I just ordered my first set of samples!!! They should be arriving within 21 days. SO in the meantime I will review products I find very useful and some that I find not so useful.

Lets get started. I am a big animal lover and use a wide range of animal products. This entry will be about Guinea Pig hay.

First off I have used a couple brands of Guinea Pig hay. I have tried All Living Things, Hartz, and Oxbow. Here are my OPINIONS on the different brands.

All Living Things- I didn’t like this brand so much. It wasn’t to expensive,but it had more of a grassy texture to the hay and my Guinea Pigs did not like the hay as much as other brands I have used in the past. Once this brand was on the floor of my piggies cages, it was pretty much wasted. It wilted and got brown very fast. I don’t use this brand anymore.

Hartz- This brand is what is sold at Walmart. This brand is a so so rating from me. I will use it if I can’t get to a pet store to get a more premium brand. My only issue with this brand is that it doesn’t stay in my piggies feeders very well. It is mostly a straw like hay and my guineas don’t like that texture. Which in turn makes me fill their feeders more so I end up running out quicker.

Oxbow- I saved my best choice for last. I love this brand. The hay has just the right consistency for my guinea pigs. It is a little bit more expensive but it is worth the money to me. The brand of hay I get from Oxbow is called Western Timothy Hay. My piggies absolutely love this brand. I have only had a couple of bad bags. Which is normal, it can’t be perfect every time. Right?

I hope at least some of this information will help someone. Like I said, I am just starting out. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks again for reading!!!


Hello! Welcome to my blog page. Here you will find interesting facts about products that I review. Please bare with me as I learn how to use all these fancy features and review my first products. I am hoping that the information I post on my blog will help people out on making choices on which products to buy!! Thanks for Reading!